Safe Administration of Medication

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Safe Administration of Medication

Broad Aims: The aim of this course is to give the learners the knowledge and skills to assist people where needed with their medication.

Overview: This course has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of the Quality and Credit Framework course outcomes for Safe Administration of Medication.
It will teach the learner how to support people with medication routines and where applicable to assist, prompt and/or administer drugs and to recognise possible side effects.
This course will also give the learner the knowledge and skills required to confidently work independently as a care worker.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the session the learner should be able to: –

  • Define the term Medication and list Medication purposes
  • Describe and discuss key Legislation, legal responsibilities and organisational procedures for assisting, administrating and/or prompting people with their medication
  • Cite good practice principles
  • List and discuss the 8 Core Principles that are laid down by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of GB.
  • Discuss the different types of medication which include Over the Counter, Prescribed Only Medication and Controlled Drugs.
  • Discuss and explain the correct use of an Inhaler and a Volumatic Spacer Device
  • Discuss the importance of maintaining independence with medication routines
  • Cite the Care Values pertinent to supporting a person with their medication
  • Describe the importance of Patient Information Leaflets
  • Discuss the recording requirements in your setting
  • Describe what to do in the event of a Medication Error

This course is available as a Half Day or Full Day as part of the Level 2 Award in Administration of Medication

Prices start from £20 per person.

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