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Dignity & Respect

Broad Aims: this course aims to give the learner knowledge and skills to deliver care to people with dignity and respect, regardless of any differences.

Overview This course has been specifically designed and developed to encourage the learner to think for themselves about how dignity and respect should be one of the fundamentals of care. This course will equip the learner with positive approaches to providing care with dignity and respect, regardless of any differences a person may have. It will also explore their own attitudes in terms of how they would expect to be treated on the receiving end of care.

This course also links into other care principles that have the potential for further development.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the session learners will be able to:

  • Cite the legislation surrounding dignity and respect
  • Describe the terms Dignity and Respect
  • Discuss and explain how people feel when they are not treated with dignity and respect
  • Describe what constitutes best practice when providing services with dignity and respect and ensure they employ these practice
  • Cite the reasons why unacceptable staff attitudes and practices must be replaced where they exist

This course is available as a Half Day or Full day as part of the Principles of Care course

Prices start from
£20 per person

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